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hosting-sourceSummary: Hosting Source is a great company that is growing and offers some of the best support and service in the industry. They offer cloud server hosting starting at $39 and full dedicated server hosting starting at $89. Check them out and see what you can find!
Starting at $39.99/month

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bluehost-logoSummary: Bluehost has recently started offering dedicated hosting. Don’t worry, they are pros in the web hosting game. They are one of the largest shared hosting providers and are working hard to become the top dedicated hosting service, too. For their entry-level server, you get a dual-core processor, 4GB Ram, 500GB storage and 5TB of bandwidth monthly. Oh, and you get a free domain! You even get half off the first month, so you can make sure they will work for you!

Starting at $149.99/month (first month is half price)
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Logo_Singlehop-200-50Summary:SingleHop is a leader in dedicated hosting and offers high end servers at affordable prices. They are most expensive in our top three dedicated hosting providers, but if you look at bang for your buck, they are the best. Their base server has a quad core processor, 1TB of storage, 16TB of RAM and 10TB of monthly transfer. They also have several locations, so you can choose the location closest to your target audience.

Starting at $159.99/month (first month is half price)
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Key Points about Cheap Dedicated Servers

  • Most affordable option
  • Some sacrifice in performance and features
  • For sites just barely too large for VPS

There’s a saying that goes: You get what you pay for. This most certainly holds true when considering a dedicated server. Sometimes, going cheap isn’t always the best option. There are several things to consider. Servers are critical part of the information system infrastructure and going cheap could mean the difference between having your system up or down. Down time is costly and aggravating. This cost could easily be reflected in the price paid for a server that suited your needs better.


A key component of deciding on a server is to understand the function of the server itself. A dedicated server that simply provides access to such facilities as the internet may not need to be as large and powerful. Some service oriented servers provide a single function where the program doesn’t provide a heavy load on the computer and acts as a traffic director for information. This sort of device doesn’t need to be big and strong.

Physical Layout

The physical layout of many lower end dedicated servers is in the form of small personal computers that resemble that of your personal computer. This is in contrast to rack mount and blade type servers that are more common with enterprise systems. This desktop computer will generally have the same function as your desktop with exception that it is setup with server operating systems rather than that of an OS that is common for the end user. It can be easy to mistake this computer for a standard workstation but the function is completely different. This kind of server is a good choice for small businesses or single function servers that require very little load.

Internal Storage

The amount of storage on the server can be as large or small as the internal hard drive allows. Keeping in mind that the more storage space of the hard drive, the greater the cost will be. Many low cost servers come with a hard drive of 80GB or less. This is just enough space for the operating system and some related applications for use. If more storage is needed for data or information that will be accessed, an external storage server or expanded hard drive would be necessary.


Internal Memory is one of the other factors that determine the price of the server. Low end servers often have less than 2GB of memory. This is just enough to run the operating system and allow for the internal functions of the server to operate. Depending on the function of the server or how many operations are going to access it, expanding the memory will cost more money but is suggested.


The processing power is also another aspect in which the lower cost servers will tend to skim. Most servers come equipped with a minimum of a dual core server at a range of processing speed from 1.78GHz to as high as 3.22GHz. These processors tend to be sufficient for most servers but this depends purely on the function of the server itself. High volume information servers are going to need more processing power as they crunch data continually.

Overall, low cost servers provide a limited amount in terms of speed and power. Their function should be simple and dedicated to a single operation that requires little intervention to operate. Since they are mostly a bare bones unit, these servers highly scalable and can be built up to suit the needs of the operation.

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